About SQFT App

SQFT is a startup company that focuses on real estate and properties. As a company, we create the marketplace for the possibility of our clients earning an income from real estate, without having to buy, manage, or finance any properties themselves.

SQFT App is a vision that was made by the founders to drive investment in real estate and properties/facility management with smart technology. This will open the doors to all types of investors in the real estate market. SQFT aims to be recognized in facilitating strategic investment decisions for investors and seamless sell and purchase transactions for owners and customers respectively. It aims to build a strong rapport with real-estate entities and expand its network in the Middle East.

SQFT mobile app has been introduced to facilitate the properties-related transaction as it allows users to finish a transaction in minuscule. The advanced features of the app ensure secure and transparent transactions while providing the needed information at your fingertips. SQFT App embraces the latest technology to massively scale the promotion internationally and allow safe and secure access to Real Estate investments.

SQFT App aims to enable the customer to review each investment on its own merits before making an investment decision. The end goal is to make real estate ownership simple, transparent, and accessible for every customer.

The major goals can be outlined as follows:

  • Become one of the Leading Property Investment companies in the UAE.
  • Maintain relationships with prominent personalities and escalate our reach.
  • Effective promotional strategies and system implementation.
  • Become the Top Real Estate investment app that provides the most thorough insights that we become the `GO TO` reference for evaluating prices in real estate.
  • Work with fewer risks and higher rewards by following a proven process with our years of experience and yield positive revenue for our assets.

We are looking forward to ensuring an outstanding experience for your real estate needs.